Kul Tiran Humans bring bigger body shapes to World of Warcraft


The newly announced race of Humans from Kul Tiras is bringing larger and more realistic body shapes to World of Warcraft. 

The new Allied Race, based on the island of Kul Tiras and a key part of the classic MMO’s Battle for Azeroth expansion, is characterised as a seafaring nation, so Blizzard has used that as an opportunity to give them a bigger build than other Human races in World of Warcraft. 

Blizzard signalled its intention to be perceived as a progressive developer at Blizcon 2017, which opened with a video showing World of Warcraft gamers from all walks of life – and of various shapes and sizes. Now it has managed to reflect the diversity of real human body shapes in a game which has been up and running since 2004.