Chrono Trigger original graphics patch arrives


The first patch for the remake of Chrono Trigger has arrived, allowing players to switch its graphics back to their original blocky glory.

As we reported, the remade PC version of the seminal 1995 2D RPG received a barrage of criticism for its updated graphics, generally held to be blurry and inferior to those of the original game.

But developer/publisher Square Enix has responded quickly with a patch which provides: “A new option [which] will allow players to choose between the current high-resolution character sprites and background graphics, or a new ‘Original’ mode which is more in-line with the original style of Chrono Trigger.” 

The patch also updates the game’s fonts and dialogue boxes, “To give the game a more classic look and feel,” according to Square Enix. Plus it reworks the order of the game’s introductory animated sequences. Square Enix also promises that: “Further changes will be made to Chrono Trigger in later updates, which will include additional UI changes to optimise gameplay for PC users playing with either a gamepad or keyboard and mouse, improved resolution in animated cut-scenes and more.”

Your best bet for keeping abreast of those future improvements to Chrono Trigger is via the game’s official website.