JackHammer To Receive Alpha 2.0 Test


Green Man Gaming Publishing have announced that JackHammer, the competitive robot FPS developed by Mission Ctrl Studios, will receive a second Alpha Test period starting on April 30th.

New features are planned to be implemented for the test, entitled ‘Alpha 2.0’. Including:

  • New court: Foxholes – JackHammer’s first open air arena.
  • New game mode: Scoreball (working title) – two teams fight to score goals in a basketball-inspired mode.
  • And many other: features, game balancing and performance tweaks.

Mission Ctrl Studios have opened signups for the Alpha 2.0 test, and anyone interested can sign up on the developers’ website, here. Those chosen to be included in the test will be contacted via email with their key.

Full patch notes for Alpha 2.0:

  • Server stability improvements
  • Server system tweaked to prioritize higher player counts in matches
  • Servers now reset properly to stop “ghost servers” (will re-introduce in Halloween update)
  • Armour should now replicate on the pedestal screen so you can dress to impress.
  • Removed filtering system in order to unify Alpha player base.


  • New court: Foxholes – JackHammer’s first open air arena
  • New game mode: Scoreball (working title) – two teams fight to score goals in a basketball-inspired mode. Its like Space Jam except there’s no Michael Jordan and it’s nothing like Space Jam. Murderballs™  are still in play, so watch out for enemy fire when you or a team-mate has the ball. Fire that guy through the enemy hoop to score big and win the approval of your parents.
  • New ball: Scoreball – slower, heavier, and with a variable launch force (players can fire the ball in a smaller arc, or charge up for longer to fire it further)
  • All modes compatible with all maps and vice versa (like we have the budget to create game mode specific maps…)


  • New visual effects on Murderball™  charging, to give clearer impression of when a ball is ready to fire.
  • New visual effects on ball trails, making incoming projectiles easier to spot (and therefore avoid).
  • New on-screen announcements for killing, scoring, ball-stealing etc.
  • New visual effects on electro-grapple to make it feel weightier and juicier in first and third person.
  • Clearer UI on when a ball is in range of the electro-grapple.
  • Removed ugly neutral ball effects, finally.
  • New UI for enemies when a Murderball™  is fully charged.


  • New ‘gravestone’ mechanic for resurrecting fallen teammates in Elimination game mode. When a friendly dies, they’ll drop a large mechanical item which can be “charged up” with the electro-grapple, which will bring back that fallen home-dog. Try not to get killed bringing back your team-mates, which will just let everyone down.
  • Tweaks to the electro-grapple ranges, making balls easier to target.
  • Tweaks to the jetpack movement system, favouring aerial movement a little more – try jumping and boosting at the exact same time – but don’t tell anyone because its a bug.
  • Tweaks to movement speeds and player size.
  • Electro-grapple can now be ‘fired’ when nothing is in range.


  • Music – our first custom track in the game
  • Made the scoring klaxon less insanely loud. Welcome back, headphone users.
  • New sound for electro-grapple.
  • New sound for Murderball™  charging.
  • New voiced announcements