State of Decay 2 developer confirms no loot boxes


Developer Undead Labs has confirmed that it will not be putting loot boxes in its forthcoming zombie-survival game State of Decay 2.

In an interview with MCV, Undead Labs’ Richard Foge, State of Decay 2’s design director, said in response to a question about microtransactions: “It didn’t make sense for our game. There’s going to be a one-time price for it, rather than a relationship with the game where people pay for things and don’t know what they’re going to get. That shouldn’t feel right. We didn’t want microtransactions or where you’re buying loot boxes with Zombucks or anything.”

Foge also spoke about how Undead Labs resisted any temptation to shoe-horn a Battle Royale mode into State of Decay 2: “I’ve been talking to a lot of journalists, and they’ll ask me about making a battle royale game, because literally everyone else is. It’s like there’s this field of wheat, and somebody built this perfect, glorious combine and it went over that field, and somebody asked me ‘Would you also like to build a combine?’. But there’s no wheat left! I would much rather focus on what we’re doing, and try to find something unique in this space to inspire people and excite them with some new thing.”

State of Decay 2 is scheduled to release on May 22, for PC and Xbox One, published by Microsoft. It’s already available for pre-order – for more information, keep an eye on its official website.