Star Citizen gets $27,000 add-on pack


Developer Roberts Space Industries (RSI) has announced a Legatus Pack add-on for its epic space game Star Citizen: and it costs an eye-watering $27,000.

Which might well make it the most expensive game add-on ever. The Legatus Pack is so exclusive that when you head to its webpage, from which you can purchase it, you won’t even be able to see what it offers unless you have already paid $1,000 to become a Star Citizen Concierge member.

For those with plenty of money to burn and deep involvement in Star Citizen, the Legatus Pack may at least be perceived as offering value for money. It brings no fewer than 117 spaceships and 163 extras comprising the likes of in-game objects, skins and posters. RSI describes it thus: “Ahead of all others, the definitive armada is an equal match to the noble title of Legatus Navium. Comprised of over 100 vessels from every noteworthy manufacturer of note, this perfect collection empowers any fleet commander to forge a lasting legacy, leading humanity towards a brighter future.” 

The lavishly priced add-on is entirely keeping with Star Citizen’s sheer ambition: the game has been funded by a Kickstarter campaign which, famously, became the most successful such effort ever, having raised over £150 million. While it has been possible to play various elements of the game since December 2016, it, and its single-player component Squadron 42, have yet to be given a full release date.