Telltale Games Set To Replace Its In-House Engine With Unity


Telltale Games is set to replace its game engine that has been in use since the company’s inception.

Variety report cites multiple sources proclaiming the end of days for Telltale Tool, with the final game built within its framework being The Walking Dead: The Final Season, which is currently set to launch on PC, PS4 and Xbox One on August 14.

Telltale will be making the jump to the Unity engine after wrapping up Clementine’s story and moving on to its other projects.

Starting with Telltale Texas Hold’em in 2005, Telltale Tool had been used to craft narrative adventures for many popular franchises including Sam & Max, Monkey Island, Game Of Thrones and Jurassic Park.

The first title to benefit from the jump to the Unity engine will reportedly be Telltale’s Stranger Things, a new game spawning from the developer’s recent collaboration with Netflix.

The partnership revealed earlier this month will also see Telltale bring Minecraft: Story Mode to the Netflix platform.

With The Wolf Among Us Season 2 being delayed until 2019, we could also see this upcoming project realized in Unity.

On the reasoning behind the switch, former Telltale employees revealed to Variety that development was marred by “technical problems and Telltale fatigue.”

This reportedly led to poor sales for the company’s most recent games, necessitating the switch.

However, the engine change hasn’t been easy, as moving developers over to Unity has created “growing pains” for the new projects as they are forced to reinvent the wheel.

It’s been a busy and tumultuous month for Telltale. Earlier in June, the developer was hit with a lawsuit from co-founder Kevin Bruner, who alleges a breach of contract concerning his dismissal from the company.