New Intellivision console to have original games, control disc


Intellivision president Tommy Tallarico has revealed details about the console his revived company, one of the great names from the early days of the games industry, is working on. 

In an interview on The n3rdabl3 Podcast, Tallarico revealed that the upcoming console will feature a similar disc-based controller to the original Intellivision, along with a roster of new, original games.

Tallarico said: “We have big publishers, huge publishers, mid-size publishers, we’ve got big developers, we’ve got small developers, medium developers, and if there’s a concept that they bring to us, then we’re going to take all of the risk away from them, financial risk as well, and we’ll front-load all of the royalties. We would rather have 20 epic games as opposed to 50 mediocre games.” 

Tallarico added that making the console accessible to people who aren’t necessarily gamers is a priority, hence Intellivision’s decision to bring back the distinctive disc controller, albeit with some design tweaks: “So we’re bringing across the disc which is very simple. You can hand your mum or grandparent a controller with a disc on it, and it’s like a mouse, when you move it around you see something on screen move around. Same thing with the disc: you give somebody a flat, round disc and they can push down and the thing goes down, you push up and it goes up, you can’t get more simple than that.”

Tallarico added that the new Intellivision (which still hasn’t acquired an official name) will be: “Priced under $200,” and he claimed that the games could be priced as cheaply as between $3 and $7. He added: “Imagine being able to play Pitfall 40 years later with completely amazing photorealistic graphics and incredible movie sounds? We’re not going to mess with the thing that made the game super popular.” 

The original Intellivision made its debut in 1979 – made by Mattel – and remained on sale until 1990. Over three million units were sold between 1980 and 1983. If you want to findout more, check out the Intellivision website. Intellivision has also said that it will make a major announcement – properly unveiling the console – on October 1 2018.

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