Fortnite generates five times PUBG’s revenue on mobile despite half the downloads


Fortnite is generating five times as much revenue as PUBG on mobile platforms, even though PUBG can boast twice as many weekly downloads.

According to figures compiled by market research company Sensor Tower and made public by Bloomberg, Fortnite accrued $92 million revenue in the 11 weeks leading up to June 18, 2018 on mobile platforms, compared to PUBG’s $16 million. And that was despite PUBG generating twice as many mobile downloads in that period than Fortnite, which is only available on for Apple mobile devices, whereas PUBG is also available for Android devices. 

Sensor Tower’s research also revealed that a whopping 60 per cent of Fortnite’s revenue on mobile came from the US, whereas PUBG’s popularity is much more skewed towards Asian countries, with Japan and South Korea responsible for 17 and 11 per cent of gross revenue respectively. 

On Sensor Tower’s blog, the company said: “Tencent has been looking for a winning monetization formula for PUBG Mobile since it debuted microtransactions in the game back on April 15, nearly a month after the title was released. It appears to have found a winner by aping Fortnite’s main money-maker, the Battle Pass.

“Our latest estimates show that PUBG Mobile’s player spending for the first week of its new Royale Pass have increased 365 percent over the $1.3 million average it earned in the preceding three weeks, bringing in approximately $6.1 million gross worldwide on both platforms. At present, we estimate that PUBG Mobile is now earning more than $700,000 per day in player spending across both stores worldwide and has grossed more than $16 million to date.” 

Whichever Battle Royale camp you fall into, it’s clear that both games are generating vast amounts of money on a weekly basis. And it’s likely that both PUBG Corp and Epic Games will continue to work on techniques designed to make their games even more lucrative.

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