Streamer Threatens To Sue Reddit Moderators Over Scamming Allegations


Popular streamer James Varga, otherwise known as ‘Phantoml0rd’ is considering legal action against the moderators of a bustling Twitch subreddit.

In a thread on the /r/LivestreamFail subreddit with over 5.9k upvotes, users are collecting clips from Varga’s Twitch streams and alleging that he is directly involved in the creation/business of a skins trading website, VGO Unbox.

In one clip Varga uses “we” instead of “they” when referring to the backend of the website.

Another user going by the name of u/BleD2DeAtH posted a clip of Varga’s former girlfriend and Twitch streamer “Dinglederper”, in which she mentions that a skins trading bot system known as OPSkins is working with VGO Unbox.

An expose from the site Endpoint alleged that Varga was directly involved with OPSkins, which would make his connection to VGO Unbox curious.

His alleged involvement in skin gambling websites prior to Valve’s blanket cease-and-desist clampdown was what led to Phantoml0rd being banned from Twitch in 2016, for promoting the sites on stream without full disclosure.

Varga is currently embroiled in a legal battle with Twitch over the ban, which he claims harmed his finances and reputation.

“VGO” skins trading websites are born out of Valve’s aforementioned clampdown on actual CS:GO skin trading and basically simulate the experience without any of the physical benefits of the Steam marketplace.

Users are essentially trading virtual versions of in-game items that cannot be used in the game for real money.

Varga has issued a cease and desist letter to the moderating group of the subreddit, pointing out that the popular thread alleging that he is scamming his viewers constitutes as harassment towards him.

The moderators have responded to his threat, making note that his claim is, in their eyes, baseless, and does not violate the rules of Reddit.