Todd Howard talks Starfield, Fallout 76


Bethesda Game Studios’ director and executive producer Todd Howard has given an insight into the company’s forthcoming titles Starfield and Fallout 76.

In a lengthy interview at the recent GameLab Conference in Barcelona, fully transcribed by VentureBeat, Howard spoke about how Bethesda’s new IP, Starfield will: “Do something new,” and that Fallout 76 will be: “Very different” to existing Fallout games.

Regarding Starfield, he said: “Something like Starfield, we thought about that for at least 10 years. Conversations: we could do this, we could do that. It’s a long process, because games take so long.” He acknowledged that with Starfield, conceiving a new IP made a change for Bethesda: “The difference with Starfield is — that’s the difference. There is no previous anything, whether we created it or not. That’s the part where our ideas were just all over the map. Maybe? Yes? No? Definitely not? Yes! It took us a while to get that cohesive sense of what Starfield is. Now that project is off and running in a good way. That was also why we felt good announcing it.” 

On the subject of Fallout 76, Howard said: “I like to stay from what I call ‘plus one sequels’. I enjoy playing plus one sequels, as a player. I don’t enjoy making them as much — a game that’s just the last game with a little extra. Fallout 76 is a very different Fallout game. We’re very aware of that. We think a lot of people will like it, because we like it. But a lot of people probably won’t. We need to balance that. This is an idea we have, and there’s a lot of old Fallout stuff in it, but it’s a very new experience.” 

The MMO-style Fallout 76 is scheduled to appear on November 14, 2018 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, while the sci-fi adventure Starfield isn’t expected to release this year – indeed, there has been speculation that it may even be made for the next generation of consoles. If you want to look out for further news, keep an eye on Bethesda’s website.