Bulkhead Interactive establishes new Munich studio


British developer Bulkhead Interactive is opening a new studio in Munich.

The new development studio will be called Bulkhead Darkhorse, and the company’s original studio in Derby will henceforth be known as Bulkhead Phoenix. Speaking to GamesIndustry.biz, Bulkhead CEO Joe Brammer said: “Our strategy is to be one of the biggest fish in an admittedly small pond. Munich consistently finishes near the top in any study you can find of the cities with the highest qualities of life in the world, which entirely ties in with Bulkhead’s ethos. We entered the industry four or so years ago now, and this year we’ve hit 30-plus members of our team – it’s time to start thinking about how we’re going to take care of our people, essentially.”

Brammer revealed that both studios are currently working on an update – due to arrive on July 12 –for Bulkhead’s Battalion 1944, a WWII multiplayer first-person shooter which is being published by Square Enix Collective and went into Steam Early Access in February 2018. The company hopes to take the game to full release status in early 2019, after which Bulkhead Darkhorse will start working on a new shooter, while Bulkhead Phoenix will move onto another, as yet unspecified project, and both studios will continue to support Battalion 1944.

Brammer also spoke candidly about Battalion 1944’s tricky Steam Early Access launch, when Bulkhead Interactive failed to cope with server demand: “It’s no secret we had a rocky launch – Battalion 1944 had what I would tongue-in-cheek describe as the ‘most successful bad launch ever. It did extremely well and, in turn, that’s enabled us to expand, but I think the problems we encountered also helped highlight just how much we needed to expand, to be honest.”