Fortnite In-Game Assets Have Started Appearing In The Real World


Assets from the Fortnite: Battle Royale map are being sucked into a reality-warping wormhole and deposited into the real world.

Last week, an in-game rocket launched from Anarchy Acres, redirecting towards Tilted Towers and then ultimately smashing into the roof of the map, creating a crack in the sky.

Since then, players have been reporting that assets from the map have started disappearing in-game, being swallowed up by small rifts across the map.

Mainly signs and mascots are being taken, including the Tomatohead mascot, a Motel sign and the iconic Durr Burger asset overlooking Greasy Grove.

Whilst this appears to be an in-game event to entice fans about the upcoming Season 5 of Fortnite, it looks like the promotion is trans-dimensional, as the props are starting to turn up in the real world.

Celebrity photographer Sela Shiloni was in the California desert when he stumbled upon the Durr Burger in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by sand and tumbleweeds.

Not being a fan of video games he took to Twitter to voice his concern and was met with legions of Fortnite fans telling him he’d found the result of the in-game rift.

As well as the burger, the scene is set with an old police car similar to the one seen in Fortnite and a small military tent with a sign that reads “If you can read this you’re in range of the anomaly.” Another sign close by reads “This site is unstable, beware of possible effects.”

Whilst fans initially brushed off the image as Photoshop, Shiloni later posted a video showing that the Durr Burger was in-fact real. The incredibly realistic prop appears to be part of the Season 5 marketing for Fortnite, and Epic has truly pushed the boat out with this one.

In-game, old-world props including carriages and anchors have started appearing across the map, suggesting that the rift put a crack in time.

Perhaps we’ll see a new historically-themed map for Fortnite, as well as a host of skins and cosmetic items to go with it when Season 5 launches this July 12.