Stardew Valley Mod Lets Players Grow And Sell Weed

A mod for the evergreen farming simulator Stardew Valley has surfaced allowing players to tend to their livestock, grow some ganja and blaze it up to end a rough day in the sun.
Smelyhippie_’s Cannabis Mod adds six new crops to the family of flora available in Stardew Valley, including a Tobacco crop for blunts and cigarettes and feminized and male cannabis crops that Smellyhippie claims are “based on real strains available today.”
On top of the crops available, the mod includes a whopping 40 items to help you create your very own marijuana empire.
The selection includes feminization spray to ensure your buds grow, a resin sieve and hash press to create hash bricks, and of course, crafting recipes for joints and blunts. Your whole weed workflow is pretty much sorted as soon as you install.
If they so wish players can even create variant joints and blunts with “hash rolled in or… spliffed with tobacco.”
Once installed, players must unlock the aforementioned recipes by speaking to fisherman Willy, who, when plied with gifts will bless you with the secrets of the drug trade. Who knew he was such a dangerous man?
Smellyhippie is currently working on adding flavoured candies and gummy squares infused with weed as well as brownies, cookies and tinctures, with sprites made specifically for each.