Fortnite Season 5 Launches With New Vehicles, Map Changes and Rifts

Season 5 of Battle Royale darling Fortnite has launched today, bringing with it a whole host of changes.
One of the most disruptive additions to the game is the ATK or All Terrain Kart. The kart has room for full squads and can drift and boost around the map.
The roof of the kart functions similarly to Fortnite’s bounce pads, and there appears to be a system in place to balance the car with passengers inside to leap over obstacles with momentum.
Following on from the rocket launch event and the subsequent reality rifts, a smattering of wormholes have appeared across the map that, when entered, allow the player to teleport to a different place entirely and parachute to the ground.
The map has also been changed drastically. The region formerly known as Moisty Mire is now a desert, and the map now contains a golf course section known as Lazy Links.
As per the hysteria last week, the ancient objects like anchors, Viking ships, and carriages have started appearing across the map. It appears Epic is doubling down on the time travel theme.
With a new season comes a new battle pass, and a host of cosmetics. Epic appears to have added a new system for basketball and golf in the game as well as new time travel themed skins (including one that looks a lot like Kratos with a new color palette)
Check out the full list of changes in the Fortnite v5.0 patch notes from Epic Games, and happy hunting!