Nintendo reveals Super Smash Bros Ultimate amiibos


Nintendo has revealed it will be re-releasing many old favourite Super Smash Bros amiibos, and adding some new ones to support Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

Nintendo Versus tweeted that new Ridley, Inkling and Wolf amiibos will be joining the Super Smash Bros amiibo line-up, and added: “Looking for an original Super Smash Bros. amiibo? Many of these will also be re-released starting later this year.”


The Ridley, Inkling and Wolf amiibos will launch on December 7, at the same time as the game, with a US retail price of $15.99 each. So far, Nintendo hasn’t confirmed which old Super Smash Bros favourites will return, although speculation has mounted that new characters in Super Smash Bros Ultimate which currently don’t have amiibos – including Ice Climbers, Pichu, Snake and Pokemon Trainer – may join the Super Smah Bros amiibo roster.

As soon as we find out the full list of amiibos that will be supporting Super Smash Bros Ultimate, we’ll let you know. In the meantime, keep an eye on the game’s official website.