State of Mind given August release date


Daedalic Entertainment has announced that State of Mind will be released on 15 August for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch and Steam for both PC and Mac.

The Hamburg developer/publisher describes State of Mind thus: “State of Mind takes a sharp look at the immense technological promise of the world we live in by jumping us forward to Berlin in 2048. Players take on the role of Richard Nolan, a journalist whose life is starting to fall apart. His wife and child have disappeared and his memories are slipping away. State of Mind boasts a unique low-poly visual style — designed to represent the fragmented nature of Richard’s world — as well as several playable characters and about 15 hours of engaging gameplay.”

State of Mind’s author, Martin Ganteföhr, said: “State of Mind is a game about transhumanism and its all-in bet on the future. It is, however, not a game about the technology of tomorrow, but about tomorrow’s people. In the centre of this narrative is the motif of separation and reunion. What happens if the future creates fractures between body and mind? Between reality and constructs? Between biological and virtual ego?”

State of Mind can now be pre-ordered, priced at £29.99 on Steam and £34.99 on consoles. If you fancy learning more about it, check out this webpage.