Counter-Strike: GO players in Holland and Belgium barred from opening loot boxes


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players in Belgium and the Netherlands are no longer able to open loot boxes in the game, following its latest update.

As we reported, the Belgian and Dutch authorities recently conducted investigations into loot boxes in games and concluded some contravened gambling laws.

Since then, Steam trading and Steam Market functionality was disabled by Valve last month in both countries. There’s a crumb of good news for CS:GO players in Holland, as the latest update does re-enable trading and the Steam Market. But while they will be able to buy and sell in-game items again, they will be physically unable to open its loot boxes.

The news emerged in the latest patch notes for CS:GO. There has been speculation that, following the action taken on loot boxes by the Dutch and Belgian authorities, the European Union may follow suit with similar legislation; however, nothing has as yet been announced along such lines. But we’ll keep you updated with any developments.