The Culling 2 Pulled From Steam, Developers Will Relaunch Original Game


Xaviant Games’ The Culling 2 dropped onto Steam last week and if you’ve heard about it, it’s probably because the game’s launch was disastrous.

The game was dog-piled on Steam with negative reviews and under 10 players were found to be partaking in the battle royale gameplay just a few days after launch.

Yesterday, Xaviant chief Josh Van Veld posted a video dealing with the hard truths of the launch.

“The Culling 2 was not a game that you asked for, and it’s not the game that you expect as a worthy successor to The Culling.”

Xaviant has decided on a number of solutions, one of the core fixes being pulling the game from all digital storefronts and refunding players who purchased The Culling 2.

The developers are also making the first game free-to-play and putting it back into development, modifying the October 2017 build and making the game reminiscent of the ‘Day One’ version of the game, after fan feedback soured following changes to the gameplay.

The original The Culling is not well reviewed either but it existed as one of the first Battle Royale experiences on the market prior to the PUBG and Fortnite boom.

It will be interesting to see if Xaviant’s newfound commitment to the original will pay off, but the developers appear keen to listen to the community and are looking to craft a game that the players want.