No Man’s Sky Next hits 50,000 concurrent users on Steam


No Man’s Sky Next has recently seen over 50,000 concurrent users on PC alone.

As SteamCharts shows, HelloGames’ innovative procedurally-generated space-simulator saw a peak of over 200,000 concurrent users when it launched two years ago on PC, but, since then had periods when only between 10,000 and 20,000 gamers were playing it at the same time. However, following the recent release of the Next update, which radically reworked the game, its concurrent user base has grown, so that it is regularly hitting 40,000 and even recently passed the 60,000 mark. 

The SteamCharts data, of course, doesn’t cover the just-released Xbox One version of No Man’s Sky Next or the original PlayStation 4 version. The Next update brought proper multiplayer to the game, along with community events, uprated base-building and character customisation, in response to user feedback that its original incarnation, while innovative, lacked some elements that made it feel like a fully realised game.

If you fancy checking out what is coming up in No Man’s Sky Next, keep an eye on its release log.