Elon Musk Wants Developers To Make Games For Tesla Cars


Tesla CEO and social media provocateur Elon Musk has made an open call on Twitter for video game developers to create experiences for his electric cars.

Musk cites “max playability and creativity” necessary for those interested in applying. “We want to make super fun games that integrate the center touchscreen, phone & car IRL.”

Whilst I’m sure safety concerns aren’t at the top of Mr. Musk’s list of priorities given that he previously sold out of his $500 Boring Company flamethrowers, this announcement may be linked to the Tesla software version 9 which is set to launch in the next few weeks.

The update looks to add concrete self-driving capabilities in certain Tesla cars, meaning that if you’re going to play video games and drive, you can at least put the car in Autopilot.

As well as the self-driving features, 9.0 will introduce a number of easter eggs based on classic Atari games. Details on this are slim, but Musk has noted that eventually, he would like to include games like Missile Command and Pole Position, which he jokingly alluded to being controlled by the car’s steering wheel.

When it comes to his own taste in games, Musk appears to have a penchant for politically charged dystopias, replying to a fan’s suggestion for him to contact Ken Levine with “Bioshock is amazing.”

Musk recently apologized during his companies earnings call after his activity on social media got him in trouble with the top brass. During last month’s Thai Cave rescue, Musk alleged that one of the divers who saved the children was a paedophile after he criticised the submarine Musk brought to Thailand (which was deemed useless by the experts). He has since walked back on his baseless statement.