Fallout 76 Puts Bounties On In-Game Trolls and Drops NPC’s, Will Have Perk System


Quakecon 2018 occurred this weekend, with fans and the press descending upon Dallas, Texas to get the lowdown on all things Zenimax.

Naturally, this includes Bethesda’s seasonal offerings, and most of their focus was on Fallout 76, the upcoming experimental multiplayer title set in the established post-apocalyptic world.

The initial announcement left a lot of players skeptical about the format and certain particular details concerning how the RPG would shift into a multiplayer format, which Todd Howard and co addressed during a panel this weekend.

Some of the crucial revelations include the new perk system. The S.P.E.C.I.A.L. system is still in the game, but the more stats you have in Strength, Charisma etc the more perks you can assign to your character.

These function similarly to the way perks work in the modern Fallout games but are way more diverse and offer more repressed buffs rather than definitive changes. For example, Howard and co showed off a card that increases your melee damage by a percentage increment.

Perks appear in ‘Perk Card Packs’ that unlock after leveling up. Bethesda has confirmed that you can only receive them via gameplay, ruling out microtransactions for this aspect of the game.

Elsewhere, it was confirmed that you will mutate via radiation poisoning in the game and this will dramatically affect your character by altering your stats and abilities.

Howard also made it known that they are “turning assholes into interesting content”. PVP is opt-in, so if a player ignores that and kills someone in the wasteland they will receive a bounty on their head and be known as a ‘Wanted Murderer’, with other players incentivized to hunt trolls for caps and XP.

Speaking to VG247, it was also confirmed that human NPC’s don’t exist in the game, instead “robots… holotapes and notes” will provide quests to the player. This has been a point of umbrage for fans. How will Bethesda retain the quality quests the series is known for within a multiplayer format.

This remains to be seen, but hopefully, we should learn more ahead of its release date on November 14 this year.