Arkane Says The Dishonored Series Is “Resting For Now”, Looking to Experiment With Multiplayer in the Future


At Quakecon 2018 Arkane Studios Lead Designer Ricardo Bare spoke to VG247 about the future of the Dishonored franchise and where the studio is headed in the near future.

The revealing interview included the news that the esteemed stealth series is “resting for now” but that “anything could happen.”

Bare took time to establish the core tenets of Arkane’s vision for future games. “deep world building and environmental storytelling” are top of the list.

The last Dishonored game was Death of the Outsider, a smaller entry in the series which doubled down on the depth in the detailed levels and well-told story, closing the arc that Corvo Attano started in the first game.

Bare also dwelled on The Crossing, an experimental Arkane game that tried to cross the streams of a single-player immersive simulator with multiplayer, with players invading the campaign.

Whilst the game was canned, Bare told VG247 that he would like to take inspiration from that game and adopt some of the modern multiplayer elements like “online sharing” into future titles.

The projects Arkane is currently focusing on are Prey: Mooncrash, the innovative roguelike expansion to the single-player game, and Typhon Hunter, a multiplayer add-on.

The game is a free downloadable multiplayer expansion where a team of mimics has to hunt down the game’s protagonist in a manner similar to Prop Hunt from Garry’s Mod. The mode is set to launch later this year.