Showrunner Responds to The Witcher TV Show Casting Scripts Leak


A number of casting scripts for the upcoming ‘The Witcher’ tv show have been leaked to the public.

The leaked scenes were posted on to Reddit, which you can read here

The leaked scripts mainly involve Geralt and Yennefer talking, and fans have voiced some concern for the leaked interaction, naturally.

Whilst they don’t offer any genuine dialogue for the show, it offers a lens into what the team behind the show are looking for in prospective actors for the series, and how they plan to portray characters like Geralt and Yennefer.

Showrunner Lauren S. Hissrich has made a statement regarding the leak and subsequent commentary on the content of the provisional scripts, assuring fans that none of the scenarios described are real and are mainly there to evoke the “full spectrum” of a character from an actor to see if they’re up to the role.

The series, which is being published by streaming giant Netflix, will focus on the source material for the CD Projekt Red series rather than the video games themselves, but influence will surely be drawn.

It was previously reported that the show is currently set to air in 2020, but this is not set in stone just yet. Expect more news, casting announcements and trailers as we approach that date.