Two Point Hospital now out for PC, Mac and Linux


Two Point Hospital, the much-anticipated “spiritual successor” to Theme Hospital, is now available to purchase on PC, Mac and Linux. 

The anarchic hospital simulator with a wicked sense of humour was created by Two Point Studios, many of whose staff worked on the likes of Theme Hospital, Black and White and Theme Park. John Clark, Executive Vice President of Publishing at the game’s publisher, Sega, said: “It’s a great privilege for SEGA Europe to have been able to work with Two Point Studios on their debut release and we have been absolutely thrilled with the reception we’ve been getting for Two Point Hospital since we announced it back in January. We are hopeful that this is just the beginning of our relationship with this talented studio and are confident gamers around the world will fall in love with Two Point Hospital’s charm and depth.” 

Sega summarises Two Point Hospital thus: “Two Point Hospital will see players take on the role of Hospital Administrator where a mantra of build, cure and improve will be necessary on the journey to hospital management greatness. Design and optimise your hospitals; train your staff and manage their wide-ranging personalities; discover unusual illnesses and research new treatments to cure them; conduct marketing to spread your organisation and do it all while experiencing the intravenous charm, humour and character that Two Point Hospital delivers.”

For more information, and to sign up for a Hospital Pass which, among other things, unlocks the coveted Golden Toilet, head to Two Point Hospital’s website.