Anthem trailer sheds light on gameplay


Electronic Arts has released a trailer which provides insight into how Anthem’s gameplay will pan out. 

BioWare’s innovative connected RPG promises a strong story element, which will be unique for each player, and the trailer (below) helps to explain how that will work. EA said: “The world of Anthem is a completely shared experience. When you team up with other Freelancers and explore its environment together, you’ll see everything that they do, and vice versa. You can venture forth with a specific mission in mind, or adventure at your own pace, uncovering secrets and lore that give you clues about the world’s many mysteries.”

Anthem Lead Producer Mike Gamble added: “You can play with your friends, you can go out in the world. There’s these cool world events – storms, day and night – and that is common between everyone who’s playing the game. That’s what we call ‘Our World.’” 

BioWare explained that Anthem has a specific area, Fort Tarsis, where you will be able to: “Define your own story.” Gamble said: “Tarsis is a place where you can interact with characters. You can make decisions, you can roleplay, and you don’t have to do that when you’re with your friends.” EA added: “Representatives from different groups in Anthem will seek you out to help them with missions and tasks, and as you get to know them, they’ll interact with you on a more personal basis.

How you treat them and the decisions you make will change how you’re received. Spend time in Fort Tarsis to learn about the people who live there and discover who they truly are. Together, your story and the shared story mentioned above define the central idea of Anthem: Our World, My Story.”

EA added that, in Anthem, you’ll have a crew of three characters — Haluk, Faye, and Owen – who will stay with you wherever you are in the game-world. Plus you will be able to accept missions and contracts from agents representing the game’s different factions: “Including the Sentinels (the main defensive force of the Kingdom of Antium, Anthem’s capital city), the arcanists (scientists trying to unearth and understand the world’s secrets), and Corvus (a shadowy organization as mysterious as their work).” 

To drill deeper into the details of how Anthem will work, check out this article detailing five key Anthem takeaways from the recent PAX show. Anthem is due out on February 22, 2019, on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. For further information about BioWare’s intriguingly innovative game, keep an eye on its website.