Jacksonville shooting survivor launches lawsuit against venue and EA


Jacob Mitich, a competitor at the Madden NFL competition in Jacksonville who was wounded when another competitor embarked on a shooting spree, has initiated a lawsuit against Electronic Arts and the venue.

Mitich was wounded in the back and leg by the shooting, and his lawsuit alleges that both The Landing – the shopping mall containing the Chicago Pizza venue where the tournament was held – and Electronic Arts were negligent for hosting an event without sufficient security. 

The legal filing says: “Once a thriving and popular shopping, dining and tourist destination, The Landing has become a hub of dangerous, violent and too often, deadly activity. There have been numerous serious incidents within the last several years at The Landing, and little has been done to curb the violence.” The Florida Times Union reports that Chicago Pizza altered its layout to accommodate gaming tournaments in 2016, without acquiring the necessary approval. 

As we reported, EA is donating $1 million to the families of the Jacksonville shooting victims, and has set up a fund to raise more money for them. We’ll bring you further news on the aftermath of the tragedy as it emerges.