Battlefield V Battle Royale mode will be called Firestorm


Electronic Arts have revealed that Battlefield V’s Battle Royale last-man-standing mode will be called Firestorm.

The company has also teased some details about how it will work. It describes Firestorm thus: “Firestorm is Battle Royale, reimagined for Battlefield V. Prepare for an all-out war of survival, where players fight to become the last squad standing – all set against the backdrop of mankind’s greatest conflict. As part of the Tides of War post-launch journey all players will go on, Firestorm is an all-new, different way to fight, with the epic scale of weapons, vehicles, team play, and destruction Battlefield are renowned for. Royale will never be the same.”

Firestorm will feature a 64-player Squad Mode: “Sixteen teams of four fight it out to become the last squad standing in a high stakes game of survival with no rules.” EA is keen to highlight other key Firestorm features, including objectives: “Work with your squad to play the objective and unlock the most valuable gear in Firestorm while fighting it out to become the last surviving squad – all tied to your Company and Battlefield V progression.” Vehicles will feature: “If it has wheels, you can drive it! From transport to combat vehicles, including the fearsome Panzer IV tank, it’s risk versus reward as you challenge other squads to secure the battlefield’s most powerful hardware.”

Plus, EA claims that Firestorm will take place on Battlefield’s largest-ever map: “The sheer scale of the combat arena equals an array of squad play possibilities as you explore distinct landmarks and objectives across the map.” Finally, everyone who pre-orders Battlefield V will receive a Firestorm Ranger Set, about which EA says: “Drop into the battlefield with a unique tactical loadout with the Firestorm Ranger Set. Complete with goggles, light battle fatigues, and the MKIII(S) Elite Combat Dagger – the weapon for all encounters as you fight for survival.”

Battlefield V – currently undergoing an open beta programme showcasing much of its multiplayer (with the current exception of Firestorm) – is due to be released on 20 November for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. For further details, head to its official website.

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