Bloodlust Update comes to Ballistic Overkill


Ballistic Overkill, the multiplayer first person run-and-gun shooter published by Green Man Gaming, has announced that the new update – titled Bloodlust- is launching on the 17th of September.

The Bloodlust update is based upon beta feedback from the Rounds update, and has tweaked the update to be a less passive experience for players.

The update will be active at 18:00 BST on the 17th of September. The full patch notes can be found here:

  • Added Rounds to Leaderboards – you must complete 5 ͚Rounds͛ matches each month to get ranked into Monthly Leaderboards
  • Added Rounds to Week Leaderboards (Same rules as other modes)
  • Rounds warm-up time reduced from 34 to 26 seconds
  • Fixed a bug in Rounds where the enemy becomes visible on the radar when nearby to enemy base
  • Fixed bug on Reinstate map that allowed the Smoke team to access the map early Fixed the ‘Killed By’ message bug in the Rounds mode
  • Added status of match to KillCam, so you can track your teammates progress while they are playing the current round.
  • Added ‘Bloodlust’ system to the Rounds mode. We want to encourage combat and aggressive playing, so the faster you eliminate an opponent at the start of the game the higher the points you get (aside from 15 points, you get one point for every 2 seconds until the round ends, max 35). For example on the 1min 30 sec round count down, scoring could as follows:
    • kill at 1:00 45 points
    • kill at 0:42 36 points
    • kill at 0:18 24 points
    • and so on…
  • Double, Triple and Overkill scores are double in Rounds
  • In rounds mode, players receive the same points for both a ‘kill’ and a ‘kill assist’
  • Balance Changes
    • Berserker weapons:
      • Thumper: Fire rate slightly lowered
    • Vanguard weapons:
      • Jackhammer: Reload duration slightly increased and magazine size reduced from 8 to 7 bullets.
      • Widower: Reduced damage slightly
    • Tank Weapons:
      • Mongoose: Increased slightly damage and fire rate
      • Rhino: Increased slightly reload duration
      • Rampart: Reduced number of bullets per shot from 17 to 15
  • Performance:
    • Core .net runtime was upgraded from 2.0 to 4.0 (This should reduce stuttering on low-end machines).