Sony Reveals PlayStation Classic Mini Console, Will Feature 20 Pre-loaded Titles


Following Nintendo’s bold and profitable footsteps into the ‘nostalgia console’ space, Sony has revealed the PlayStation Classic.

The sleek trailer reveals that the console is 45% smaller than the machine we know and love, with HDMI output for modern displays. It also comes with two controllers as standard, and a lack of a USB AC adapter (another standard for this market, it seems.)

Sony has doubled down on the nostalgia by stripping the controllers of analogue sticks, too, going for a pre-Dualshock controller design, which means no Ape Escape, but who knows, we can dream.

The RESET button on the console will now suspend games, with the OPEN button letting you change the ‘Virtual Disc’ inside.

It will come with 20 pre-loaded games, the first of which were revealed in the trailer. Final Fantasy VII, Jumping Flash, Ridge Racer Type 4, Tekken 3 and Wild Arms will come packaged in, with the 15 other games being announced in the near future.

The PlayStation was a best-selling console and holds a soft spot in the hearts of many gamers. If Sony can deliver on the games side, this looks like its going to be a raucous success.

The console launches on December 3rd this year, retailing at £89.99 in the UK.