Purple Fortnite Cube Melts Into Loot Lake


For about a month now, a huge purple cube has been making its way across the map of popular Battle Royale title Fortnite.

This is part of the games interesting narrative meta-game that is still ongoing, providing interesting hazards for fans. The cube was left behind when the rift in the sky closed, which was already causing chaos.

The cube, which has been moving randomly around the map, has burned glyphs into the ground that create a low-gravity effect and destroyed entire buildings in its wake.

Finally, it has found its resting place in the popular location of Loot Lake. Last night it teetered over the edge of the pier, before landing in the water.

The cube then started to melt, diffusing its alien gunk into the water and turning the entire lake purple. As well as being a pretty sight, the cube has also made the lake into one giant bounce pad, warping the area for players and rocking the gameplay boat.

Whilst this appears to be the end of the current meta-shenanigans, no doubt we’ll be privy to more when Season 6 of Fortnite premieres next week on September 25th.