Ex-employee initiates class action lawsuit against Telltale Games


An ex-employee has launched a class action lawsuit against Telltale Games after the struggling developer laid off 225 employees.

The case, brought by Vernie Roberts Jr, alleges that Telltale Games violated California’s WARN Act, as it announced the mass redundancies without giving at least 60 days’ notice before terminations. The lawsuit was brought about on behalf of all Telltale employees who were made redundant.

As well as not providing the requisite notice, Telltale Games is alleged to have failed to fulfil several financial obligations to its employees pertaining to salaries, bonuses, commissions, holiday pay and the like. Meanwhile, Variety has reported that potential investors AMC and Smilegate pulled out of funding talks with Telltale Games, just a day before the redundancies were announced.

Despite Telltale Games’ announcement that third parties may help Telltale Games to finish The Walking Dead’s Final Season, the completed second episode hasn’t yet made it onto Steam. We’ll bring you more news about that and the ongoing saga of Telltale Games’ demise as it breaks.