Square Enix Recruits Skrillex For Kingdom Hearts III Opening Theme


Kingdom Hearts publisher Square Enix has revealed that electronic artist Skrillex will be providing the opening theme for Kingdom Hearts III.

The immensely popular Grammy-winning producer also happens to be a huge fan of Kingdom Hearts.

Skrillex is working with series veteran Hikaru Utada on a completely new song that serves as the opening theme for the game, entitled ‘Face My Fears’.

Originally, Skrillex was meant to produce a remix of Utada’s ‘Don’t Think Twice’, the song heard in most promotional trailers so far, but “owing to the pair’s friendship” this effort led to a completely new song.

Skrillex is also working with revered producer Poo Bear on the track, whose previous credits include the multi-platinum Justin Bieber song ‘What Do You Mean?’

The song will drop on the 18th January 2019, a week before the release of Kingdom Hearts III on the 29th of January for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.