Trihex given Twitch ban for using derogatory term


Popular Twitch streamer Trihex has incurred a ban from the platform for using a “derogatory term”.

Trihex, aka Mychal Jefferson, is one of Twitch’s most popular streamers, achieving fame primarily due to his speed-runs. But during a recent stream, he used a homophobic slur and incurred a Twitch ban.

Trihex held his hands up, admitting to the misdemeanour on Twitter and expressing remorse for his actions. He said: “Last night, I said a word of a derogatory nature. In my past, I frequented portions of the internet & chat rooms where such language was normalized. Since then, I understand that such word{s} is harmful and not okay.”

He went on to apologise, before adding: “I’m gonna use this time to reflect & reform.” It hasn’t yet been announced how long Trihex’s twitch ban will last, but the usual period for such indiscretions is 30 days. When his Twitch channel goes back up, you’ll find it here.