PS4 Users Urged To Change Privacy Settings To Protect From Console-Bricking Message Attack


Reports of players suffering from bricked PS4 consoles due to a message received during online play are flooding message boards.

The message contains certain malicious characters that can brick the chosen console if it merely receives the notification of the message.

As a safety precaution it is recommended that you change your message privacy settings to protect yourself from this attack.

To safeguard your console go to your settings, then Account Management > Privacy > Personal Info > Messaging and then set the option to No One, unless you can be sure no one on your friends list could be an evil turncoat.

In a statement to VG247, Sony revealed that it is “aware of the situation” and the company is in the midst of planning a system update to fix it.

Hopefully Sony will push the fix to consoles soon, but until then, go ahead and change your privacy settings just in case.