The Vatican Launches Priestly Pokemon GO Clone


The Catholic Church and Pope Francis has endorsed a mobile app that replicates the gameplay of Pokemon Go, albeit with saints and figures from the bible. I’m really not kidding.

Players must explore in their local area to bolster their eTeam (the e is for Evangelization.) Instead of countless Rattattas and Geodudes, those intrigued could find themselves running into Saint Bartholomew, Marian Advocates, and all blessed peoples, answering trivia to catch em all!

Spirituality, bread and Denarii serve as the collectables to help priestly players keep supplies up and stay alive. You can donate to the Ramon Pane foundation to receive more Denarii, which is basically a pious version of mobile microtransactions.

On top of this, you can also enjoy the “Spectacular advertising” which includes “biblical videos, singers and information” to help players learn from the Bible as they’re walking about recruiting saintly folk.

There will also be some means of social interaction with other players where you can check profiles to compare how many works of mercy your friends have conducted, and if you need to increase your spirituality level to catch up.

The game is called Follow JC Go, or “Follow to Jesus Christ and Go!” in English, and it’s currently being rolled out in Spain, with a wider release planned later down the line.