Steam passes 90 million monthly active users


Valve has revealed that Steam has powered past the 90 million monthly active user milestone. 

The company revealed the figure at Melbourne International Games Week, which compares favourably with the 67 million monthly active users Steam had at the same time last year. Valve also said that Steam’s daily active users now number 47 million, up from 33 million last year. Steam’s record number of concurrent users stands at 18.5 million, and was set in January 2018. 

The main factor in Steam’s 2018 growth in users appears to have been its entry into the Chinese market: in China, the service now has 30 million users, up from 15 million last year. Niko Partners analyst Daniel Ahmad tweeted: “Steam has more than 30m users in China. It initially gained popularity due to DOTA 2, but has grown due to more localised games, regional pricing, local payment methods + wide variety of games banned/blocked in China. Perfect World/Valve are creating a China only ver. of Steam.”

As Ahmad alluded, the Chinese games market has recently experienced a certain amount of turmoil, due to a government freeze on games licensing. So Valve’s efforts to create a fully sanctioned, China-only version of Steam in conjunction with publisher Perfect World should allow it to sustain Steam’s recent growth.

For further news, keep an eye on Steam’s website.

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Steve Boxer
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