Netflix Offer First Look at Henry Cavill As The Witcher


Netflix has dropped a short trailer showcasing the lead of its upcoming series based on The Witcher franchise.

Ex-Superman Henry Cavill, who takes the starring role as Geralt of Rivia, is shown in full makeup and even a fancy white wig, imitating a younger version of Geralt. This is much more like the one seen in the original game and its sequel. He’s decidedly less gruff than the Geralt we see in Wild Hunt.

Cavill walks candidly towards the camera before necking what I can only describe as a potion. It’s almost a little bit awkward, honestly, and he kind of looks like a Legolas Halloween costume, but it’s nice to see the project moving forward at speed.

Alongside the trailer we also received confirmation of a number of roles and the performers behind them. Anna Shafer will be playing love interest Triss Merrigold, but there are swathes of characters you may not have heard of if you aren’t familiar with the lore or the book series. Some great actors are tied to these roles too. Eamon Farren, who plays Cahir, a Nilfgardian intelligence officer, previously starred as the exhilarating Richard Horne in Twin Peaks: The Return.

We don’t have a great idea of when this project is going to launch, but Showrunner Laura Hissrich has previously identified a planned window of 2019/2020. Hopefully we won’t have to wait too long to see how well the incredible story of The Witcher translates to the small screen.