Fortnite Halloween Live Event Takes Players To Another Dimension


The spooktacular Fortnite event ‘Fortnite mares’ has finally hit its crescendo, and boy howdy was it spectacular.

Epic has been weaving the tale of the notorious traveling purple cube for a while now, affectionately named Kevin by fans.

Previously, Kevin melted into Loot Lake, turning it bouncy and purple, but with the latest live event it appears he has left this realm forever.

After pulsating in the sky, the cube disintegrated and created a peculiar void that in-game players were sucked into.

This void was fully white and after players spent about a minute exploring the curious vortex they were dropped into a fully animated cutscene where a butterfly fluttered onto each players fingers before they were pushed back into the map.

The vortex (much like the incredible sky-cracking rocket before it) has warped the map permanently. Loot Lake now has a Stonehenge-adjacent structure, and outside of geography there is also a set of new “Lil Kev” challenges that unlock cube themed cosmetics.

This is another excellent event put on by Epic Games who are making waves with their experimental storytelling within the fabric of a multiplayer Battle Royale game. Huge props must go to the designers for creating these huge gaming moments, with millions of fans tuning in on YouTube and Twitch to experience the zeitgeist.

I just hope we see Kev again sometime soon. We can only dream.