Hitman 2 gameplay launch trailer teases new locations, modes


Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment has released a gameplay launch trailer for Hitman 2 which teases the stealth-em-up’s six new locations and two new multiplayer modes. 

Among the game’s locations, as shown fleetingly in the video, are the Colombian jungle, Miami and Tokyo. Hitman 2 will also boast a franchise-first two-player co-op mode called Sniper Assassin (already available to play for those with Early Access privileges), which Warner Bros describes as: “Allowing two players to work together online to take down their targets.” 

Ghost Mode, meanwhile is, according to Warner Bros, “A unique and brand-new take on 1-versus-1 multiplayer competition. Players will put their assassination skills to the ultimate test as they compete against each other online, both as Agent 47, to assassinate the most targets faster and cleaner than their opponent, while utilising weapons, items, outfits and ghost crate supply drops to help accomplish the overall mission.”

Warner Bros adds that: “Additionally, fans were recently given the opportunity to vote on a unique object to be unlocked in the first Elusive Target mission coming to Hitman 2. Given the choice between a Flash Grenade Robot, Earphones Garotte and Explosive Pen, the Explosive Pen came out victorious and will be available in Elusive Target No. 1 Starring Sean Bean. Appropriately named “Explosive Penmanship,” players will be able complete this challenge and add the Explosive Pen to their inventory when the Elusive Target mission goes live on 20th November.”

Hitman 2 will be released on November 13 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. For further information, head to its website.