Sunset Overdrive PC Port Looking Likely After Achievements Leak


Insomniac’s hyper-mobile 2014 Xbox One exclusive Sunset Overdrive looks set for a port to PC following a recent leak.

After being listed by both the ESRB and the Korean Ratings Board, an app landed on the Steam Database that utilizes key art from the game, all but confirming the fact that it’s making the jump to PC.

As if we needed any more proof, TrueAchievements published an article yesterday showcasing a screenshot of the game hub for ‘Sunflower’ on the Windows 10 Store (Sunflower appears to be the codename for Sunset Overdrive.)

The article also offers up every achievement coming to the PC version of the game. At this point, we can be pretty confident that the game is dropping soon.

Easily one of the edgiest game in existence, Sunset Overdrive is a wonderfully haptic cartoon romp that never takes itself seriously. The game still holds up well today but was unfortunately unsung due to the fact it was locked to one console.

Perhaps this will come to light at this weekend’s XO18 event. It would definitely be a great means to promote Game Pass coming to the PC!