Kingdom Hearts 3 XO18 Trailer Reveals Winnie the Pooh and Friends


At this point, it feels like the next Kingdom Hearts has broken the record for the most amount of trailers dropped prior to release. Delays come and go, but it doesn’t seem to matter when you chuck a fancy Monsters Inc. world at fans who are champing at the bit to learn about the conclusion of Sora’s adventures.

This time around, the Disney genies at Square Enix have cooked up a bumper trailer that features everybody’s favourite honey-loving bear.

Down in the Hundred Acre Wood, where Sora and Roxas play, fans will be subjected to a series of fun-looking minigames, and, in true Winnie fashion, some worry-wort conversations with the man himself, surrounded by other fluffy friends including Roo, Owl and who could forget Piglet.

It seems Winnie will also bestow Sora with a special keyblade called the Hunny Launcher which is bound to get the Heartless slowed and sticky.

As well as Pooh, we got another glimpse at the Tangled world, confirming the existence of the excellent chameleon Pascal in Kingdom Hearts. We also were subjected to some more gameplay from San Fransokyo and the Pirates of the Carribean world, featuring Jack Sparrow and Davy Jones swashbuckling atop a ship.

In lore-related news, we might have had our first vision of Kingdom Hearts in the room with stacks of pillars and multiple effigies of protagonist Sora running wild. Chirithy, a character only seen in 2.8 and mobile title Union Key also made an appearance, suggesting we’ll have to read even more Wikipedia pages to get a grip of the story.

Unfortunately, we don’t have too long to do our research, as the game is launching on January 29th next year. So you best get your tin foil hats on and dive into those Secret Ansem Reports!