Telltale Games Start Dropping From Steam As Company Shuts Down

After the shocking September news that Telltale was undergoing a ‘majority studio closure’, it appears that the company is now winding down, with its games dropping off publishing platforms.
According to a scoop from GameDaily.Biz, Telltale is working with consulting firm Sherwood Partners to liquidate its remaining assets, with certain licensed games being stripped from Steam already.
A so-called ‘skeleton crew’ was at first kept on to finish Telltale’s then-current projects (supposedly Stranger Things and a Minecraft adaptation for Netflix.) Alas, in late October they were also fired. Around the same time the company was also hit with a substantial lawsuit by a former employee concerning its handling of the lay-offs.
This has affected licensed titles first like Jurassic Park, Back to The Future and Monkey Island. However if you already picked up these games prior then they should still be available from your library.
The current CEO’s twitter account has also been deleted, signalling the final curtain for the company. This is another saddening development in a tremendously tumultuous year for the iconic adventure game house. Hopefully players who picked up their groundbreaking games prior to this point will be able to enjoy and celebrate them for years to come, and those affected will land on their feet in the industry.