Skybound Entertainment Restart Development On The Walking Dead: The Final Season


Following the devastating demise of iconic adventure game developers Telltale Games, the future of its most current project, The Walking Dead: The Final Season was in peril.

Luckily enough, one of the very few consolations to come out of the closure was that The Final Season was picked up by Skybound Entertainment, specifically the games division of Robert Kirkman’s (creator of The Walking Dead) multi-platform media company.

One thing that was still in contention was whether ex-Telltale developers would be brought in to work on the project. The deal basically wasn’t final yet, but positive talks were being had. Just yesterday Skybound issued a statement noting that this was indeed the case and that the game is now back in development.

This means that the two remaining episodes “Broken Toys” and “Take Us Back” will be completed and released by Skybound, providing a conclusion to Clementine’s tale. According to Skybound, “Many” Telltale devs are working on the project, which is great to hear.

Those who have purchased the fourth season already will not have to pay when the game goes back on sale after being delisted (Telltale started to wind down as a company earlier this week.) Release dates are coming soon for the final two episodes, so fans won’t have to wait too long for their next fix of Clementine’s captivating crescendo.