No Man’s Sky ‘Visions’ Update Leaks Via Youtube, Launching Tomorrow


The No Man’s Sky renaissance continues as another update is now coming to the game, revealed via a leaked video on the Hello Games YouTube channel.

Update 1.75 of No Man’s Sky is coming and is known as ‘Visions’. Fans found an unlisted video which explains the expansion and what it’s going to bring to the game, more than two years after release.

New anomalous Flora and Fauna are coming, as well as wider colour palette variety when you visit new alien worlds. Procedurally generated crash sites are being added to the game, which players can raid with friends.

You can also now pick up artefacts from planets that will act as trophies you can display. One of the more interesting additions is Alien Skeletons, which budding No Man’s Sky archaeologists can excavate for loot.

On top of this we have an upgraded UI, more emotes, launchable fireworks, biomes, creatures and even rainbows! Truly a gargantuan amount of content for those still keen to explore the limitless worlds that No Man’s Sky offers.

This update also comes mere weeks after ‘The Abyss’, the Subnautica-adjacent update that brought underwater exploration to the game. Hello Games appears to be powering ahead with content to support the game way after release, which is amazing to see after its troublesome launch.

Visions is launching tomorrow, November 22 for all platforms. Sean Murray noted on Twitter that “It was supposed to be a really small update, but we accidentally put lots of stuff in…”