TwitchCon to head for Europe for first time in 2019


Twitch has announced that its TwitchCon event will take place in Europe for the first time: TwitchCon Europe will run between 13 and 14 April at CityCube in Berlin. 

Twitch said: “TwitchCon Europe will feature many of the same elements as the original TwitchCon, although specifically tailored to the region, including an exhibitor-packed expo hall, industry and community-driven panels, meet-and-greets with top streamers, and more.” 

Kate Jhaveri, Twitch’s Chief Marketing Officer, said: “TwitchCon was created to celebrate and inspire everyone who plays a role in the Twitch community. It’s a vibrant, growing, and global community and we’re excited to bring TwitchCon to Europe for the first time. While there will be a lot of familiar elements to anyone who has ever attended TwitchCon in the US, we’re taking inspiration from the location and distinct cultures across the region to ensure the experience is relevant to all the audiences.” 

The San Francisco streaming company said: “Twitch selected Berlin, Germany as the location for the TwitchCon Europe event based on its centralized location and Germany’s status as one of the top performing countries in terms of both streamers and viewership. Berlin is also ideal based on proximity to attractions and accommodations, and its accessibility to those traveling from out of the country.” 

Twitch added: “Additional TwitchCon Europe details will be shared in the coming months, including ticket sales, calls-for-content, Partner appearances, exhibitors, programming schedule, and more.” For more information, keep an eye on Twitch’s official blog.