Winnie The Pooh’s Appearance In Kingdom Hearts III May Be Censored In China


A post from a Weibo user in China (which appears to be some kind of media outlet) has begun circulating on social media and ResetEra after it appeared to censor Winnie the Pooh from the latest batch of Kingdom Hearts III screenshots.

However, it’s not exactly a professional job. The user has covered Winnie The Pooh’s upper body and head in a cascading white light, leaving his famous pantsless legs swinging in the wind. We all can tell who it is by the context, surely.

None of the other adorable fluffy friends have been doctored, leaving Piglet, Roo, Heffalump and co without a ringleader.

This appears to stem from a more complex problem in China. Current president Xi Jinping is often the subject of memes comparing him to Winnie The Pooh, which has led to certain consequences for the property, like the banning of the Ewan McGregor Disney movie Christopher Robin.

China’s censors are quick to shut down memes comparing the president to the rumbly tumbly bear, and it all seems to stem from an image depicting Jinping and Obama as Pooh and Tigger.

It’s unclear if or how Kingdom Hearts III will be censored in China if it even makes it out there, but the addition of Winnie and friends certainly complicates matters. Perhaps the 100 Acre Wood segment will be cut entirely? It remains to be seen, and Square Enix will have to remedy this one in-house.

Alas, for those of us who live outside of China, we can expect a full dose of Pooh Bear content when Kingdom Hearts III makes it way to store shelves on January 29, 2019.