Skyward Sword Switch Reportedly Teased At Zelda Concert In Japan


Current Zelda head honcho Eiji Aonuma has reportedly teased the possibility of The Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword Coming to Switch.

The report comes out of Osaka, Japan, where Aonuma was in attendance at a ‘The Legend Of Zelda’ concert.

According to attendee reports Aonuma remarked upon Skyward Sword for Switch. Though the exact quote hasn’t been locked down, it appears to have been said as part of an exchange between Aonuma and Zelda voice actor Yuu Shimumura, whilst reminiscing about the 2011 Wii game.

Skyward Sword is certainly one of the more marmite entries in the series, with die-hard fans and haters on either side. It lived and died by its experimental motion controls.

With Twilight Princess receiving a Wii U port just two years ago in 2016, it seems like this is the kind of project that would be on Nintendo’s radar, and the Switch would be the perfect console to revive the motion controls and do them justice with the Joy-Cons.