UK games industry luminaries call for People’s Vote on Brexit


Over 1,000 of the UK games industry’s biggest names have rejected Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit Agreement and called for a People’s Vote on whether to continue withdrawal from the EU. 

A Who’s Who of the UK games industry (totalling over 1,300 people and 125 companies) has signed an open letter written by Games4EU highlighting concerns over May’s Withdrawal Agreement and calling for a People’s Vote on the subject. They include the likes of Eidos co-founder Ian Livingstone, ex-Lionhead and Bullfrog proprietor Peter Molyneux, Broken Sword creator Charles Cecil, Tomb Raider writer Rhianna Pratchett and renowned indie developer Mike Bithell.

The open letter contends that: “Brexit is a dire threat to UK interactive entertainment. Leaving the EU’s customs union, single market, VAT area and regulatory framework (in whole or part) will rip up the bedrock on which our industry operates and cause us grave harm, based on our detailed analysis.” 

And that: “Post-Brexit our products face the real risk of becoming more expensive, harder to access, delayed or in the worst case cancelled. We fear UK interactive entertainment businesses being compelled to partially/fully relocate to the EU. We foresee greater problems to hiring talent (risking over time a UK brain drain), loss of important consumer rights and cultural diminishment. All when we should be growing our position as a British success story.”

In conclusion, the letter says: “No-one voted for this situation. It is critical to find a way out of this mess and therefore we ask you to support a People’s Vote (with an option to remain in the EU) to allow our industry, our consumers and the country a say on the final Brexit outcome.” 

For further details of Games4EU’s activities, head to its website.

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