Eric Barone Splits From Chucklefish To Self Publish Stardew Valley


Stardew Valley solo developer Eric Barone has announced that he will start self-publishing his game starting on December 14th.

Barone announced the split with previous publisher Chucklefish on the Stardew Valley blog.

In what he calls a “pretty big announcement,” Barone revealed that he will be listed as both publisher and developer for Stardew Valley on PC, Xbox, PS4 and PS Vita starting later this month. However, Chucklefish will still be the publisher of both the Switch and Mobile versions of the game.

Barone recalls that when he first launched the game he was a “complete novice” to the industry, and thanks Chucklefish for the vital help, from translating and porting the game to redesigning the website. However, Barone is now “ready to move forward.”

“I think self-publishing is the end goal of most indie developers, and I’m happy to be in a place where that’s possible!”

Barone also teased “announcements concerning the future of Stardew Valley,” that are said to be coming soon.

Chucklefish released a statement on the split, stating that they were “proud to be part of the Stardew Valley story,” wishing Barone “every success.” Chucklefish also made note that they’re currently working on the multiplayer update for the Nintendo Switch port of Stardew Valley, which is currently in the submission process. A new Android version of the game is also said to be on the way from the publisher.