Namco Reveals First Gameplay Of The Walking Dead’s Negan In Tekken 7


Bandai Namco has dropped a trailer showcasing the first gameplay footage of Negan in Tekken 7.

The short tease aired during the Tekken World Tour Finals and recreates the famous ‘Lucille’ scene from the TV show with Paul, Jin Kazama and co representing the forlorn cast.

It’s a fun trailer that merges both IP’s well, and the character looks genuinely fun to play. Somehow, they’ve managed to integrate Negan into the roster without too much trouble, his art style being tweaked a little to fit the Tekken mould.

The character was surprise announced earlier this year as part of Tekken’s second Season Pass. Other fighters joining the game alongside him are Armor King, Marduk and Julia, fan favourites from past Tekken titles.

This isn’t the craziest character to ever come to Tekken by a long shot either. Technically, Negan’s a pretty good fit. In the past, we’ve had Noctis from Final Fantasy, a training dummy, a boxing kangaroo and a little dinosaur.

It’s great to see a game like Tekken 7 (originally released in 2015) get so much support, with content still in the pipeline three years later. It’s one of the more solid entries in the series, especially if you’re into the competitive side, and well worth a pick up even today.